List of Social Security Offices in Indiana

On this page, you will find a list of the 26 Social Security office locations in Indiana.

If you need help with any Social Security problems in Indiana, including questions about your social security benefits or how to get a new social security card, this directory will give you all the information you need.

Choose one of the cities below to find the Social Security office details you need to visit or make an appointment. We provide the local phone number, the address with a map, and the office hours they are open.

Cities in Indiana with No Social Security Offices

If you live in a city that doesn't have a Social Security office, you can find your nearest office using the table below, along with the distance from your city.

City Nearest Office Distance
Aberdeen Valparaiso, Indiana 6 miles
Advance Crawfordsville, Indiana 15 miles
Akron Marion, Indiana 37 miles
Alamo Crawfordsville, Indiana 9 miles
Albany Muncie, Indiana 11 miles
Albion Auburn, Indiana 19 miles
Alexandria Anderson, Indiana 10 miles
Alfordsville Vincennes, Indiana 31 miles
Alton Louisville, Kentucky 37 miles
Altona Auburn, Indiana 4 miles
Ambia Danville, Illinois 26 miles
Amboy Marion, Indiana 13 miles
Americus Lafayette, Indiana 10 miles
Amo Indianapolis, Indiana 22 miles
Andrews Marion, Indiana 21 miles
Angola Auburn, Indiana 19 miles
Arcadia Kokomo, Indiana 19 miles
Argos South Bend, Indiana 30 miles
Arlington Indianapolis, Indiana 27 miles
Ashley Auburn, Indiana 11 miles
Atlanta Kokomo, Indiana 17 miles
Attica Lafayette, Indiana 20 miles
Aurora Florence, Kentucky 15 miles
Austin Madison, Indiana 23 miles
Avilla Auburn, Indiana 9 miles
Avoca Bloomington, Indiana 17 miles
Avon Indianapolis, Indiana 10 miles
Bainbridge Crawfordsville, Indiana 19 miles
Bargersville Indianapolis, Indiana 18 miles
Bass Lake Valparaiso, Indiana 31 miles
Batesville Columbus, Indiana 37 miles
Battle Ground Lafayette, Indiana 7 miles
Bedford Bloomington, Indiana 20 miles
Beech Grove Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Berne Fort Wayne, Indiana 27 miles
Bethany Indianapolis, Indiana 20 miles
Beverly Shores Michigan City, Indiana 4 miles
Bicknell Vincennes, Indiana 13 miles
Birdseye Owensboro, Kentucky 47 miles
Blanford Terre Haute, Indiana 15 miles
Bloomfield Bloomington, Indiana 23 miles
Bloomingdale Crawfordsville, Indiana 23 miles
Blountsville Muncie, Indiana 12 miles
Bluffton Fort Wayne, Indiana 18 miles
Boonville Evansville, Indiana 12 miles
Borden New Albany, Indiana 12 miles
Boston Richmond, Indiana 7 miles
Boswell Lafayette, Indiana 26 miles
Bourbon South Bend, Indiana 27 miles
Brazil Terre Haute, Indiana 16 miles
Bremen South Bend, Indiana 16 miles
Bright Florence, Kentucky 19 miles
Bringhurst Lafayette, Indiana 21 miles
Bristol Elkhart, Indiana 8 miles
Brook Lafayette, Indiana 40 miles
Brooklyn Indianapolis, Indiana 20 miles
Brooksburg Madison, Indiana 8 miles
Brookston Lafayette, Indiana 13 miles
Brookville Hamilton, Ohio 27 miles
Brownsburg Indianapolis, Indiana 7 miles
Brownstown Columbus, Indiana 27 miles
Bruceville Vincennes, Indiana 8 miles
Bryant Muncie, Indiana 32 miles
Buck Creek Lafayette, Indiana 9 miles
Buffalo Lafayette, Indiana 33 miles
Bunker Hill Kokomo, Indiana 15 miles
Burket Elkhart, Indiana 37 miles
Burlington Kokomo, Indiana 14 miles
Burnettsville Lafayette, Indiana 29 miles
Burns City Bloomington, Indiana 29 miles
Burns Harbor Gary, Indiana 7 miles
Burrows Kokomo, Indiana 26 miles
Butler Auburn, Indiana 11 miles
Butlerville Madison, Indiana 19 miles
Cadiz Anderson, Indiana 14 miles
Cambridge City Richmond, Indiana 15 miles
Camden Lafayette, Indiana 23 miles
Campbellsburg New Albany, Indiana 33 miles
Canaan Madison, Indiana 8 miles
Cannelburg Vincennes, Indiana 28 miles
Cannelton Owensboro, Kentucky 24 miles
Carbon Terre Haute, Indiana 18 miles
Carlisle Vincennes, Indiana 22 miles
Carmel Indianapolis, Indiana 10 miles
Carthage Indianapolis, Indiana 25 miles
Cayuga Danville, Illinois 15 miles
Cedar Grove Hamilton, Ohio 23 miles
Cedar Lake Merrillville, Indiana 9 miles
Center Point Terre Haute, Indiana 18 miles
Centerville Richmond, Indiana 5 miles
Chalmers Lafayette, Indiana 17 miles
Chandler Evansville, Indiana 7 miles
Charlestown New Albany, Indiana 11 miles
Chesterfield Anderson, Indiana 3 miles
Chesterton Valparaiso, Indiana 7 miles
Chrisney Owensboro, Kentucky 20 miles
Churubusco Auburn, Indiana 16 miles
Cicero Indianapolis, Indiana 19 miles
Clarksburg Columbus, Indiana 32 miles
Clarks Hill Lafayette, Indiana 15 miles
Clarksville New Albany, Indiana 3 miles
Clay City Terre Haute, Indiana 21 miles
Claypool Fort Wayne, Indiana 38 miles
Clayton Indianapolis, Indiana 18 miles
Clear Lake Auburn, Indiana 29 miles
Clermont Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Clifford Columbus, Indiana 2 miles
Clinton Terre Haute, Indiana 13 miles
Cloverdale Bloomington, Indiana 28 miles
Coalmont Terre Haute, Indiana 21 miles
Coatesville Indianapolis, Indiana 25 miles
Colburn Lafayette, Indiana 12 miles
Colfax Crawfordsville, Indiana 17 miles
Collegeville Lafayette, Indiana 37 miles
Columbia City Fort Wayne, Indiana 20 miles
Connersville Richmond, Indiana 19 miles
Converse Marion, Indiana 10 miles
Cordry Sweetwater Lakes Columbus, Indiana 12 miles
Corunna Auburn, Indiana 7 miles
Corydon Louisville, Kentucky 20 miles
Country Club Heights Anderson, Indiana 2 miles
Country Squire Lakes Columbus, Indiana 18 miles
Covington Danville, Illinois 12 miles
Crandall New Albany, Indiana 15 miles
Crane Bloomington, Indiana 27 miles
Cromwell Elkhart, Indiana 27 miles
Crothersville Madison, Indiana 25 miles
Crown Point Merrillville, Indiana 4 miles
Crows Nest Indianapolis, Indiana 6 miles
Culver South Bend, Indiana 32 miles
Cumberland Indianapolis, Indiana 6 miles
Cynthiana Evansville, Indiana 18 miles
Dale Evansville, Indiana 30 miles
Daleville Anderson, Indiana 5 miles
Dana Danville, Illinois 23 miles
Danville Indianapolis, Indiana 16 miles
Darlington Crawfordsville, Indiana 9 miles
Darmstadt Evansville, Indiana 8 miles
Dayton Lafayette, Indiana 7 miles
Decatur Fort Wayne, Indiana 17 miles
Decker Vincennes, Indiana 10 miles
Deer Creek Kokomo, Indiana 18 miles
Delphi Lafayette, Indiana 17 miles
De Motte Merrillville, Indiana 20 miles
Denver Marion, Indiana 29 miles
Deputy Madison, Indiana 15 miles
Dillsboro Florence, Kentucky 23 miles
Dover Hill Bloomington, Indiana 33 miles
Dresser Terre Haute, Indiana 1 miles
Dublin Richmond, Indiana 17 miles
Dubois Vincennes, Indiana 41 miles
Dugger Terre Haute, Indiana 29 miles
Dune Acres Gary, Indiana 10 miles
Dunkirk Muncie, Indiana 15 miles
Dunlap Elkhart, Indiana 4 miles
Dunreith Anderson, Indiana 24 miles
Dupont Madison, Indiana 10 miles
Dyer Chicago Heights, Illinois 6 miles
Earl Park Lafayette, Indiana 33 miles
East Chicago Hammond, Indiana 4 miles
East Enterprise Florence, Kentucky 21 miles
East Germantown Richmond, Indiana 13 miles
Eaton Muncie, Indiana 10 miles
Economy Richmond, Indiana 14 miles
Edgewood Anderson, Indiana 4 miles
Edinburgh Columbus, Indiana 8 miles
Edwardsport Vincennes, Indiana 17 miles
Elberfeld Evansville, Indiana 11 miles
Elizabeth Louisville, Kentucky 14 miles
Elizabethtown Columbus, Indiana 9 miles
Ellettsville Bloomington, Indiana 7 miles
Elnora Vincennes, Indiana 27 miles
Elwood Anderson, Indiana 15 miles
Emison Vincennes, Indiana 10 miles
English New Albany, Indiana 36 miles
Etna Green Elkhart, Indiana 28 miles
Fairland Indianapolis, Indiana 20 miles
Fairmount Marion, Indiana 11 miles
Fairview Park Terre Haute, Indiana 15 miles
Farmersburg Terre Haute, Indiana 15 miles
Farmland Muncie, Indiana 14 miles
Ferdinand Owensboro, Kentucky 37 miles
Fillmore Crawfordsville, Indiana 26 miles
Fishers Indianapolis, Indiana 7 miles
Fish Lake South Bend, Indiana 17 miles
Flora Lafayette, Indiana 22 miles
Florence Florence, Kentucky 22 miles
Fontanet Terre Haute, Indiana 12 miles
Fort Branch Evansville, Indiana 18 miles
Fortville Indianapolis, Indiana 10 miles
Foster Danville, Illinois 8 miles
Fountain City Richmond, Indiana 9 miles
Fowler Lafayette, Indiana 26 miles
Fowlerton Marion, Indiana 13 miles
Francesville Valparaiso, Indiana 37 miles
Francisco Vincennes, Indiana 23 miles
Frankfort Lafayette, Indiana 22 miles
Franklin Columbus, Indiana 18 miles
Frankton Anderson, Indiana 10 miles
Fredericksburg New Albany, Indiana 22 miles
Freelandville Vincennes, Indiana 18 miles
Freetown Columbus, Indiana 23 miles
Fremont Auburn, Indiana 27 miles
French Lick Bloomington, Indiana 42 miles
Fulton Kokomo, Indiana 36 miles
Galena New Albany, Indiana 8 miles
Galveston Kokomo, Indiana 10 miles
Garrett Auburn, Indiana 3 miles
Gas City Marion, Indiana 7 miles
Gaston Muncie, Indiana 10 miles
Geneva Fort Wayne, Indiana 31 miles
Gentryville Evansville, Indiana 26 miles
Georgetown New Albany, Indiana 10 miles
Glenwood Richmond, Indiana 26 miles
Goodland Lafayette, Indiana 32 miles
Goshen Elkhart, Indiana 10 miles
Gosport Bloomington, Indiana 15 miles
Grabill Auburn, Indiana 12 miles
Grandview Owensboro, Kentucky 16 miles
Granger Elkhart, Indiana 9 miles
Greencastle Crawfordsville, Indiana 26 miles
Greendale Florence, Kentucky 15 miles
Greenfield Indianapolis, Indiana 14 miles
Green Hill Lafayette, Indiana 11 miles
Greensboro Anderson, Indiana 19 miles
Greensburg Columbus, Indiana 23 miles
Greens Fork Richmond, Indiana 9 miles
Greentown Kokomo, Indiana 9 miles
Greenville New Albany, Indiana 11 miles
Greenwood Indianapolis, Indiana 11 miles
Griffin Evansville, Indiana 27 miles
Griffith Merrillville, Indiana 7 miles
Grissom AFB Kokomo, Indiana 15 miles
Hagerstown Richmond, Indiana 15 miles
Hamilton Auburn, Indiana 15 miles
Hamlet South Bend, Indiana 19 miles
Hanna Valparaiso, Indiana 15 miles
Hanover Madison, Indiana 6 miles
Hardinsburg New Albany, Indiana 28 miles
Harlan Auburn, Indiana 14 miles
Harmony Terre Haute, Indiana 17 miles
Harrodsburg Bloomington, Indiana 10 miles
Hartford City Muncie, Indiana 17 miles
Hartsville Columbus, Indiana 11 miles
Hatfield Owensboro, Kentucky 14 miles
Haubstadt Evansville, Indiana 15 miles
Hayden Columbus, Indiana 20 miles
Hazleton Vincennes, Indiana 12 miles
Hebron Merrillville, Indiana 12 miles
Hedrick Danville, Illinois 14 miles
Henryville New Albany, Indiana 14 miles
Herbst Marion, Indiana 6 miles
Heritage Lake Crawfordsville, Indiana 23 miles
Hidden Valley Florence, Kentucky 16 miles
Highland Hammond, Indiana 5 miles
Highland Evansville, Indiana 5 miles
Hillsboro Crawfordsville, Indiana 16 miles
Hoagland Fort Wayne, Indiana 10 miles
Hobart Gary, Indiana 4 miles
Holland Evansville, Indiana 30 miles
Holton Madison, Indiana 20 miles
Homecroft Indianapolis, Indiana 7 miles
Hope Columbus, Indiana 8 miles
Howe Elkhart, Indiana 28 miles
Hudson Auburn, Indiana 12 miles
Hudson Lake South Bend, Indiana 15 miles
Huntertown Auburn, Indiana 10 miles
Huntingburg Evansville, Indiana 36 miles
Huntington Fort Wayne, Indiana 19 miles
Hymera Terre Haute, Indiana 20 miles
Idaville Lafayette, Indiana 27 miles
Independence Lafayette, Indiana 15 miles
Indian Village South Bend, Indiana 3 miles
Ingalls Indianapolis, Indiana 13 miles
Jalapa Marion, Indiana 5 miles
Jamestown Crawfordsville, Indiana 16 miles
Jasonville Terre Haute, Indiana 24 miles
Jasper Vincennes, Indiana 37 miles
Jeffersonville Louisville, Kentucky 3 miles
Jonesboro Marion, Indiana 7 miles
Jonesville Columbus, Indiana 13 miles
Judyville Danville, Illinois 20 miles
Kempton Kokomo, Indiana 12 miles
Kendallville Auburn, Indiana 12 miles
Kennard Anderson, Indiana 16 miles
Kent Madison, Indiana 9 miles
Kentland Lafayette, Indiana 38 miles
Kewanna Kokomo, Indiana 43 miles
Kimmell Auburn, Indiana 25 miles
Kingman Crawfordsville, Indiana 20 miles
Kingsbury Michigan City, Indiana 17 miles
Kingsford Heights Valparaiso, Indiana 18 miles
Kirklin Kokomo, Indiana 21 miles
Knightstown Anderson, Indiana 23 miles
Knightsville Terre Haute, Indiana 17 miles
Knox Valparaiso, Indiana 26 miles
Koontz Lake South Bend, Indiana 21 miles
Kouts Valparaiso, Indiana 13 miles
Kramer Lafayette, Indiana 21 miles
Laconia Louisville, Kentucky 23 miles
La Crosse Valparaiso, Indiana 15 miles
Ladoga Crawfordsville, Indiana 9 miles
La Fontaine Marion, Indiana 7 miles
Lagrange Auburn, Indiana 27 miles
Lagro Marion, Indiana 18 miles
Lake Dalecarlia Merrillville, Indiana 10 miles
Lake Holiday Crawfordsville, Indiana 5 miles
Lake Santee Columbus, Indiana 33 miles
Lakes of the Four Seasons Merrillville, Indiana 7 miles
Lake Station Gary, Indiana 2 miles
Laketon Marion, Indiana 29 miles
Lake Village Merrillville, Indiana 23 miles
Lakeville South Bend, Indiana 10 miles
Landess Marion, Indiana 7 miles
Lanesville Louisville, Kentucky 12 miles
La Paz South Bend, Indiana 15 miles
Lapel Anderson, Indiana 11 miles
La Porte Michigan City, Indiana 12 miles
Larwill Fort Wayne, Indiana 27 miles
Laurel Richmond, Indiana 28 miles
Lawrence Indianapolis, Indiana 1 miles
Lawrenceburg Florence, Kentucky 14 miles
Leavenworth New Albany, Indiana 31 miles
Lebanon Indianapolis, Indiana 16 miles
Leesburg Elkhart, Indiana 25 miles
Leo-Cedarville Auburn, Indiana 10 miles
Lewisville Richmond, Indiana 24 miles
Liberty Richmond, Indiana 14 miles
Ligonier Elkhart, Indiana 25 miles
Linden Crawfordsville, Indiana 11 miles
Linton Vincennes, Indiana 32 miles
Little York New Albany, Indiana 26 miles
Livonia New Albany, Indiana 30 miles
Lizton Indianapolis, Indiana 14 miles
Logansport Kokomo, Indiana 25 miles
Long Beach Michigan City, Indiana 3 miles
Loogootee Vincennes, Indiana 32 miles
Losantville Muncie, Indiana 16 miles
Lowell Merrillville, Indiana 13 miles
Lynn Richmond, Indiana 15 miles
Lynnville Evansville, Indiana 17 miles
Lyons Bloomington, Indiana 31 miles
Mackey Evansville, Indiana 18 miles
Macy Marion, Indiana 35 miles
Manilla Columbus, Indiana 27 miles
Marengo New Albany, Indiana 30 miles
Markle Fort Wayne, Indiana 15 miles
Markleville Anderson, Indiana 10 miles
Marshall Crawfordsville, Indiana 19 miles
Marshfield Danville, Illinois 12 miles
Martinsville Bloomington, Indiana 20 miles
Matthews Muncie, Indiana 14 miles
Mauckport Louisville, Kentucky 28 miles
McCordsville Indianapolis, Indiana 6 miles
Mecca Terre Haute, Indiana 18 miles
Medaryville Valparaiso, Indiana 30 miles
Medora Bloomington, Indiana 30 miles
Mellott Crawfordsville, Indiana 16 miles
Melody Hill Evansville, Indiana 2 miles
Memphis New Albany, Indiana 10 miles
Mentone Elkhart, Indiana 35 miles
Meridian Hills Indianapolis, Indiana 6 miles
Merom Vincennes, Indiana 27 miles
Metamora Richmond, Indiana 29 miles
Mexico Kokomo, Indiana 26 miles
Michiana Shores Michigan City, Indiana 5 miles
Michigantown Kokomo, Indiana 16 miles
Middlebury Elkhart, Indiana 13 miles
Middletown Anderson, Indiana 7 miles
Mier Marion, Indiana 7 miles
Milan Madison, Indiana 27 miles
Milford Elkhart, Indiana 20 miles
Millersburg Elkhart, Indiana 18 miles
Millhousen Columbus, Indiana 25 miles
Milltown New Albany, Indiana 26 miles
Milroy Columbus, Indiana 28 miles
Milton Richmond, Indiana 14 miles
Mishawaka South Bend, Indiana 5 miles
Mitchell Bloomington, Indiana 29 miles
Modoc Muncie, Indiana 17 miles
Monon Lafayette, Indiana 31 miles
Monroe Fort Wayne, Indiana 22 miles
Monroe City Vincennes, Indiana 9 miles
Monroeville Fort Wayne, Indiana 16 miles
Monrovia Indianapolis, Indiana 22 miles
Monterey South Bend, Indiana 37 miles
Montezuma Terre Haute, Indiana 23 miles
Montgomery Vincennes, Indiana 25 miles
Monticello Lafayette, Indiana 24 miles
Montmorenci Lafayette, Indiana 8 miles
Montpelier Marion, Indiana 22 miles
Mooreland Muncie, Indiana 16 miles
Moores Hill Florence, Kentucky 26 miles
Mooresville Indianapolis, Indiana 16 miles
Morgantown Columbus, Indiana 21 miles
Morocco Merrillville, Indiana 36 miles
Morristown Indianapolis, Indiana 21 miles
Mount Auburn Richmond, Indiana 16 miles
Mount Ayr Merrillville, Indiana 35 miles
Mount Carmel Hamilton, Ohio 19 miles
Mount Etna Marion, Indiana 14 miles
Mount Summit Muncie, Indiana 13 miles
Mount Vernon Henderson, Kentucky 18 miles
Mulberry Lafayette, Indiana 13 miles
Munster Hammond, Indiana 3 miles
Napoleon Madison, Indiana 30 miles
Nappanee Elkhart, Indiana 17 miles
Nashville Bloomington, Indiana 16 miles
New Amsterdam Louisville, Kentucky 30 miles
Newberry Bloomington, Indiana 30 miles
Newburgh Evansville, Indiana 6 miles
New Carlisle South Bend, Indiana 14 miles
New Castle Muncie, Indiana 19 miles
New Chicago Gary, Indiana 3 miles
New Goshen Terre Haute, Indiana 8 miles
New Harmony Evansville, Indiana 26 miles
New Haven Fort Wayne, Indiana 9 miles
New Market Crawfordsville, Indiana 5 miles
New Middletown Louisville, Kentucky 17 miles
New Palestine Indianapolis, Indiana 11 miles
New Paris Elkhart, Indiana 15 miles
New Pekin New Albany, Indiana 17 miles
New Point Columbus, Indiana 31 miles
Newport Danville, Illinois 21 miles
New Richmond Crawfordsville, Indiana 13 miles
New Ross Crawfordsville, Indiana 11 miles
New Salisbury New Albany, Indiana 16 miles
Newtown Crawfordsville, Indiana 18 miles
New Trenton Hamilton, Ohio 22 miles
New Washington Madison, Indiana 17 miles
New Whiteland Indianapolis, Indiana 15 miles
Noblesville Indianapolis, Indiana 13 miles
North Crows Nest Indianapolis, Indiana 6 miles
North Judson Valparaiso, Indiana 24 miles
North Liberty South Bend, Indiana 13 miles
North Manchester Marion, Indiana 30 miles
North Salem Crawfordsville, Indiana 18 miles
North Terre Haute Terre Haute, Indiana 5 miles
North Vernon Madison, Indiana 20 miles
North Webster Elkhart, Indiana 28 miles
Norway Lafayette, Indiana 26 miles
Notre Dame South Bend, Indiana 2 miles
Oakland City Vincennes, Indiana 24 miles
Oaktown Vincennes, Indiana 15 miles
Odon Vincennes, Indiana 31 miles
Ogden Dunes Gary, Indiana 4 miles
Oldenburg Hamilton, Ohio 37 miles
Onward Kokomo, Indiana 18 miles
Oolitic Bloomington, Indiana 17 miles
Orestes Anderson, Indiana 11 miles
Orland Auburn, Indiana 26 miles
Orleans Bloomington, Indiana 34 miles
Osceola Elkhart, Indiana 6 miles
Osgood Madison, Indiana 25 miles
Ossian Fort Wayne, Indiana 9 miles
Otterbein Lafayette, Indiana 11 miles
Otwell Vincennes, Indiana 27 miles
Owensburg Bloomington, Indiana 19 miles
Owensville Evansville, Indiana 22 miles
Oxford Lafayette, Indiana 20 miles
Painted Hills Bloomington, Indiana 20 miles
Palmyra New Albany, Indiana 18 miles
Paoli New Albany, Indiana 40 miles
Paragon Bloomington, Indiana 17 miles
Parker City Muncie, Indiana 10 miles
Parkers Settlement Evansville, Indiana 13 miles
Patoka Vincennes, Indiana 18 miles
Patriot Florence, Kentucky 16 miles
Pence Danville, Illinois 17 miles
Pendleton Anderson, Indiana 10 miles
Pennville Muncie, Indiana 24 miles
Perrysville Danville, Illinois 12 miles
Peru Kokomo, Indiana 22 miles
Petersburg Vincennes, Indiana 17 miles
Pierceton Fort Wayne, Indiana 31 miles
Pine Village Lafayette, Indiana 19 miles
Pittsboro Indianapolis, Indiana 10 miles
Plainfield Indianapolis, Indiana 14 miles
Plainville Vincennes, Indiana 22 miles
Plymouth South Bend, Indiana 23 miles
Point Isabel Marion, Indiana 13 miles
Poneto Fort Wayne, Indiana 24 miles
Portage Gary, Indiana 5 miles
Porter Valparaiso, Indiana 8 miles
Portland Muncie, Indiana 27 miles
Poseyville Evansville, Indiana 20 miles
Pottawattamie Park Michigan City, Indiana 2 miles
Prince's Lakes Columbus, Indiana 13 miles
Princeton Vincennes, Indiana 22 miles
Raglesville Vincennes, Indiana 31 miles
Ragsdale Vincennes, Indiana 12 miles
Rainsville Lafayette, Indiana 22 miles
Raub Lafayette, Indiana 38 miles
Redkey Muncie, Indiana 16 miles
Remington Lafayette, Indiana 27 miles
Rensselaer Merrillville, Indiana 37 miles
Reynolds Lafayette, Indiana 23 miles
Richland Owensboro, Kentucky 16 miles
Ridgeville Muncie, Indiana 20 miles
Riley Terre Haute, Indiana 8 miles
Rising Sun Florence, Kentucky 13 miles
River Forest Anderson, Indiana 4 miles
Roachdale Crawfordsville, Indiana 13 miles
Roann Marion, Indiana 26 miles
Roanoke Fort Wayne, Indiana 11 miles
Rochester South Bend, Indiana 42 miles
Rockfield Lafayette, Indiana 23 miles
Rockport Owensboro, Kentucky 12 miles
Rockville Terre Haute, Indiana 23 miles
Rocky Ripple Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Rolling Prairie Michigan City, Indiana 15 miles
Rome City Auburn, Indiana 18 miles
Romney Lafayette, Indiana 12 miles
Rosedale Terre Haute, Indiana 13 miles
Roseland South Bend, Indiana 3 miles
Roselawn Merrillville, Indiana 21 miles
Rossville Lafayette, Indiana 16 miles
Royal Center Kokomo, Indiana 35 miles
Rushville Richmond, Indiana 33 miles
Russellville Crawfordsville, Indiana 12 miles
Russiaville Kokomo, Indiana 7 miles
Salamonia Muncie, Indiana 30 miles
Salem New Albany, Indiana 25 miles
Salt Creek Commons Valparaiso, Indiana 5 miles
Saltillo New Albany, Indiana 35 miles
Sandborn Vincennes, Indiana 24 miles
San Pierre Valparaiso, Indiana 22 miles
Santa Claus Owensboro, Kentucky 29 miles
Saratoga Muncie, Indiana 25 miles
Schererville Merrillville, Indiana 7 miles
Schneider Merrillville, Indiana 20 miles
Scipio Columbus, Indiana 15 miles
Scotland Bloomington, Indiana 26 miles
Scottsburg Madison, Indiana 22 miles
Seelyville Terre Haute, Indiana 8 miles
Sellersburg New Albany, Indiana 5 miles
Selma Muncie, Indiana 6 miles
Seymour Columbus, Indiana 20 miles
Shadeland Lafayette, Indiana 4 miles
Shamrock Lakes Muncie, Indiana 15 miles
Sharpsville Kokomo, Indiana 5 miles
Shelburn Terre Haute, Indiana 20 miles
Shelby Merrillville, Indiana 19 miles
Shelbyville Columbus, Indiana 20 miles
Shepardsville Terre Haute, Indiana 9 miles
Sheridan Indianapolis, Indiana 18 miles
Shipshewana Elkhart, Indiana 20 miles
Shirley Anderson, Indiana 16 miles
Shoals Bloomington, Indiana 36 miles
Shorewood Forest Valparaiso, Indiana 6 miles
Sidney Fort Wayne, Indiana 31 miles
Silver Lake Marion, Indiana 36 miles
Simonton Lake Elkhart, Indiana 5 miles
Sims Marion, Indiana 10 miles
Smithville-Sanders Bloomington, Indiana 7 miles
Somerset Marion, Indiana 10 miles
Somerville Evansville, Indiana 20 miles
South Haven Valparaiso, Indiana 6 miles
Southport Indianapolis, Indiana 8 miles
South Whitley Fort Wayne, Indiana 25 miles
Speedway Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Spencer Bloomington, Indiana 15 miles
Spiceland Anderson, Indiana 22 miles
Spring Grove Richmond, Indiana 1 miles
Spring Hill Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Spring Lake Indianapolis, Indiana 10 miles
Springport Muncie, Indiana 10 miles
Spurgeon Evansville, Indiana 22 miles
Star City Lafayette, Indiana 42 miles
State Line City Danville, Illinois 7 miles
Staunton Terre Haute, Indiana 12 miles
St. Bernice Terre Haute, Indiana 18 miles
Stilesville Indianapolis, Indiana 25 miles
Stinesville Bloomington, Indiana 12 miles
St. Joe Auburn, Indiana 9 miles
St. John Merrillville, Indiana 8 miles
St. Leon Hamilton, Ohio 25 miles
St. Mary of the Woods Terre Haute, Indiana 4 miles
St. Meinrad Owensboro, Kentucky 35 miles
Stockwell Lafayette, Indiana 11 miles
St. Paul Columbus, Indiana 19 miles
Straughn Richmond, Indiana 21 miles
Sullivan Terre Haute, Indiana 26 miles
Sulphur Springs Anderson, Indiana 14 miles
Summitville Anderson, Indiana 15 miles
Sunman Florence, Kentucky 30 miles
Swayzee Marion, Indiana 8 miles
Sweetser Marion, Indiana 4 miles
Switz City Bloomington, Indiana 29 miles
Syracuse Elkhart, Indiana 21 miles
Tab Danville, Illinois 21 miles
Taylorsville Columbus, Indiana 4 miles
Tecumseh Terre Haute, Indiana 7 miles
Tell City Owensboro, Kentucky 25 miles
Templeton Lafayette, Indiana 18 miles
Tennyson Evansville, Indiana 21 miles
Thorntown Crawfordsville, Indiana 17 miles
Tipton Kokomo, Indiana 12 miles
Toad Hop Terre Haute, Indiana 3 miles
Topeka Elkhart, Indiana 24 miles
Town of Pines Michigan City, Indiana 4 miles
Trafalgar Columbus, Indiana 18 miles
Trail Creek Michigan City, Indiana 2 miles
Tri-Lakes Auburn, Indiana 21 miles
Troy Owensboro, Kentucky 25 miles
Ulen Indianapolis, Indiana 16 miles
Union City Richmond, Indiana 26 miles
Uniondale Fort Wayne, Indiana 13 miles
Universal Terre Haute, Indiana 11 miles
Upland Marion, Indiana 12 miles
Utica New Albany, Indiana 8 miles
Vallonia Columbus, Indiana 30 miles
Van Bibber Lake Crawfordsville, Indiana 20 miles
Van Buren Marion, Indiana 10 miles
Veedersburg Danville, Illinois 20 miles
Vera Cruz Fort Wayne, Indiana 22 miles
Vernon Madison, Indiana 19 miles
Versailles Madison, Indiana 22 miles
Vevay Madison, Indiana 17 miles
Wabash Marion, Indiana 17 miles
Wakarusa Elkhart, Indiana 11 miles
Waldron Columbus, Indiana 18 miles
Walkerton South Bend, Indiana 18 miles
Wallace Crawfordsville, Indiana 13 miles
Walton Kokomo, Indiana 16 miles
Wanatah Valparaiso, Indiana 9 miles
Warren Marion, Indiana 16 miles
Warren Park Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles
Warsaw Elkhart, Indiana 31 miles
Washington Vincennes, Indiana 18 miles
Waterloo Auburn, Indiana 6 miles
Waveland Crawfordsville, Indiana 13 miles
Waynetown Crawfordsville, Indiana 9 miles
West Baden Springs Bloomington, Indiana 41 miles
West College Corner Richmond, Indiana 19 miles
Westfield Indianapolis, Indiana 14 miles
West Harrison Hamilton, Ohio 19 miles
West Lafayette Lafayette, Indiana 1 miles
West Lebanon Danville, Illinois 16 miles
Westphalia Vincennes, Indiana 21 miles
West Point Lafayette, Indiana 9 miles
Westport Columbus, Indiana 18 miles
West Terre Haute Terre Haute, Indiana 2 miles
Westville Valparaiso, Indiana 8 miles
Wheatfield Valparaiso, Indiana 21 miles
Wheatland Vincennes, Indiana 11 miles
Wheeler Valparaiso, Indiana 7 miles
Whiteland Indianapolis, Indiana 16 miles
Whitestown Indianapolis, Indiana 9 miles
Whitewater Richmond, Indiana 9 miles
Whiting Hammond, Indiana 5 miles
Wilkinson Anderson, Indiana 16 miles
Williams Bloomington, Indiana 25 miles
Williams Creek Indianapolis, Indiana 7 miles
Williamsport Danville, Illinois 21 miles
Winamac Valparaiso, Indiana 39 miles
Winchester Muncie, Indiana 21 miles
Windfall City Kokomo, Indiana 11 miles
Winfield Merrillville, Indiana 5 miles
Wingate Crawfordsville, Indiana 14 miles
Winona Lake Elkhart, Indiana 32 miles
Winslow Vincennes, Indiana 25 miles
Wolcott Lafayette, Indiana 25 miles
Wolcottville Auburn, Indiana 19 miles
Woodburn Fort Wayne, Indiana 18 miles
Woodlawn Heights Anderson, Indiana 2 miles
Worthington Bloomington, Indiana 24 miles
Wynnedale Indianapolis, Indiana 4 miles
Yeoman Lafayette, Indiana 20 miles
Yorktown Muncie, Indiana 6 miles
Zanesville Fort Wayne, Indiana 9 miles
Zionsville Indianapolis, Indiana 5 miles

All adult Americans will at some point in their lives come into contact with the Social Security Agency (SSA) for one reason or another. It may be as simple as dealing with your social security number to claim benefits based on retirement or some disability that may hinder your ability to work.

There are over 1400 Social Security Agency offices nationwide including regional, field, card centers and teleservices locations. Many of these locations are located in major towns and cities. Frequently your local SSA will be busy so it is important to know what you want and what you need to supply in order to get it.

In this post we will look at the services offered by the Social Security Agency and some of the requirements to obtain those services. It is always wise to know the rules at your local SSA offices to make sure you have a quick and trouble free visit.

What Is the Social Security Administration?

The social security administration (SSA) is an independent government agency that administers social security. It is an insurance program that consists of retirement, disability and survivor benefits. In order to qualify for these benefits most workers pay into the system through social security taxes.

The head offices of the social security agency are located in Woodlawn, Maryland and is referred to as the Central Office. There are tens of thousands of workers employed by the social security agency and it is the largest government program in the United States.

It is estimated that by the end of the 2022 fiscal year the agency will have paid out $1.2 trillion in benefits to 66 million citizens and legal residents of the United States. An additional 61 billion is expected in SSI benefits and 7.5 million to low-income individuals.

This government agency is a vital part of the country's economy and without it millions of already struggling Americans would have nothing. It is a program that many have paid into for decades in preparation for retirement and as an insurance policy against sudden disability.

History of the Social Security Agency

On August 14th 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law as part of his New Deal initiative. This led to the creation of the Social Security Board (SSB), a presidentially appointed group of three executives tasked with overseeing the social security program.

With zero budget, staff or even furniture the SSB finally obtained funding from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. It was on October 14th 1936 that the first social security office opened its doors in Austin, Texas.

In January of 1937 social security taxes were first collected. Just a few years later the first social security check was issued to Ida Mary Fuller of Battleboro, Vermont. Ida’s check was dated January 31st 1940 and she received $22.54.

The SSB in 1939 merged with the U.S. Public Health Service, the Civilian Conservation Corp and other government agencies to become the Federal Security Agency. In 1846 under President Harry S. Truman the SSB was named the Social Security Administration SSA.

In 1953 the Federal Security Agency was dismantled and the SSA was placed under the banner of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Finally in 1994 President Bill Clinton made the Social Security Administration an independent body once again.

Field Office Services

The field offices are your everyday walk in the SSA office where you can go to deal with a whole host of requirements. Depending on location you may be able to walk in or you may require an appointment. These offices are frequently busy so setting an appointment may help you save time.

New or Replacement Social Security Cards

Every U.S. citizen or resident alien requires a social security card which comes with its own unique identity number. This number is used to withhold social security taxes from any earned monies of an individual which are then held as insurance for future events.

These funds are collected so that individuals will have a financial safety net if they become unable to work or to supply an income upon retirement. A social security number is a requirement for working any job in the United States.

All U.S. citizens have to apply for a social security number in order to be able to work and this is intended to be their number for the rest of their life. There are however some circumstances which would require a new number to be issued.

A new number may be issued if:

  • The number already belongs to another individual (rare but it can happen)
  • You are a victim of domestic abuse and need to escape detection by your abuser
  • Identity theft to the extent that your social security number is no longer safe to use
  • If there is a valid religious objection to the number for example a Christian may object to a number that contained 666

You may not get a new number to escape bankruptcy, extreme debt or consequences of illegal actions. People do try this and it is very much against the rules.

In order to get a social security number you need proof of identity such as a birth certificate or passport. If you are a non citizen you will need to prove you are legally in the country and that you are eligible to work.

Request Changes to Your Social Security Card

You may need to change the name attached to your social security card based on a legal change of name. This may be because you married or legally changed your name for some other reason. This would not change your number but would be required if you were to be using this new name in all other legal aspects of your life.

In order to change the information regarding your name on your social security card you will need proof of the name change which would include official name change documents or a marriage license.

Once you legally change your name with the social security agency it allows you to more easily change your names on other documents such as your passport or driver's license.

You can get a SSN name change to help evade a stalker but this does need a legal court ordered name change.

Review Your Social Security Statement

Many people may not be aware that they can access their personal social security statement to review their earnings history. This can be helpful to assist with taxes and to detect any fraudulent use of your social security number.

Get an Estimate of Your Retirement Benefits

It may be helpful to know based on your social security account how much it is projected you will be entitled to upon your retirement. This is dependent on how much you have paid in and when you are planning to retire.

Get a Copy of Your Proof of Benefits

You can also visit a field office to obtain a copy of your proof of benefits. This may be needed as proof of income for renting a home or obtaining a personal loan.

Applying for Retirement Benefits

The social security agency field office can help you to apply for your retirement benefits. As of July 2022 the earliest you can apply for retirement benefits is 61 years and 9 months. Your first social security check if you qualified would then be issued 4 months later the month after your 62nd birthday.

Applying for SSI or SSDI Benefits

Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is a benefit offered to those who due to age or disability are limited in their ability to earn. This may be a personal disability or that of an individual that you have to take care of. It is a supplemental income based on what you already make to help bridge the gap in your household needs.

Social Security Disability Insurance is for individuals who based on their disability are unable to earn money. This is based on former social security payments made prior to the disability. It may be permanent or temporary depending on the situation.

Applying for Social Security Spousal or Survivor Benefits

Seniors whose spouses pass are eligible to receive the benefits of their deceased spouse in addition to their own.

Applying for Medicare

As part of retirement the Medicare program supplies retirees with health coverage which can be applied for via the social security system. You can visit a field office to do this and can also apply for replacement Medicare cards as well should they become lost or damaged.

Set up Direct Deposits for Social Security Benefits

Direct deposit in today's digital world is far more convenient than the old system of checks. The social security field office can help you set up direct deposit of your benefits straight to the bank account of your choosing.

What Can You Do Online?

As mentioned, in person social security offices can be very busy and often stressful places. As such with the world becoming more digital there is an increasing amount that can be done online.

Choosing to do certain things related to social security online can be quicker and far less stressful. There are still many things you have to do in person but there are some simpler tasks that can be done online. Some things may start online but require you to mail in documents to complete the process.

Online you can:

  • Review your account
  • Apply for benefits
  • Make changes to your account
  • Request replacement cards
  • Get benefit estimates
  • Print proof of benefits
  • Check status of any applications pending
  • Set up or change direct deposit information
  • Change Address details

What Should You Do if Your Social Security Number Is Lost or Stolen?

Your social security number (SSN) is unique to you and can be used to file taxes, obtain loans/credit cards and legally work. There is a thriving criminal business in social security fraud so protecting your unique SSN is important.

If your card is lost or stolen it is important to act immediately to protect yourself from potential fraud. Request a replacement card and place a fraud alert on your social security number. It is also wise to monitor your credit report to get an early warning of activity that is not initiated by yourself.

Obtain a unique tax filing code with the IRS so that only you can file your taxes. If someone else has your social security number they can fraudulently file as you and receive the refund that you are entitled to.

It is also important that you are careful who you give your social security number to. It is only required for certain things and you should not give it out over the phone to unknown sources.

Why Should I Make an Appointment?

If you have ever driven past a Social Security Office before it opens in the mornings you probably already know the answer to this question. The lines waiting outside can often circle the entire building and then some.

When you make an appointment you are often able to join a much shorter secondary line and will be waiting a much shorter time to be seen. Those without appointments are at the mercy of the crowds and could be spending hours to complete their business with the SSA.

If you can do what you need to online it is wise to do so rather than visiting an actual office. In the event that you must attend in person make sure you have all the documents required for your purpose. If you are missing something vital you will have to get that document and come back another time.

Along with the Secretary of State and DMV, the Social Security office is likely one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of our lives. People seldom look forward to going to the SSA office so be smart about it.


The Social Security Agency offices offer a wide range of services to help you understand your present and future benefits through this government agency. Throughout our working life we pay into the social security system to build up this insurance for our future.

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