List of Social Security Offices in Tennessee

On this page, you will find a list of the 28 Social Security office locations in Tennessee.

If you need help with any Social Security problems in Tennessee, including questions about your social security benefits or how to get a new social security card, this directory will give you all the information you need.

Choose one of the cities below to find the Social Security office details you need to visit or make an appointment. We provide the local phone number, the address with a map, and the office hours they are open.

Cities in Tennessee with No Social Security Offices

If you live in a city that doesn't have a Social Security office, you can find your nearest office using the table below, along with the distance from your city.

City Nearest Office Distance
Adams Clarksville, Tennessee 13 miles
Adamsville Selmer, Tennessee 13 miles
Alamo Jackson, Tennessee 17 miles
Alcoa Knoxville, Tennessee 10 miles
Alexandria Murfreesboro, Tennessee 28 miles
Algood Cookeville, Tennessee 4 miles
Allardt Cookeville, Tennessee 37 miles
Altamont Mcminnville, Tennessee 18 miles
Andersonville Jacksboro, Tennessee 12 miles
Apison Chattanooga, Tennessee 9 miles
Ardmore Huntsville, Alabama 22 miles
Arlington Memphis, Tennessee 15 miles
Ashland City Nashville, Tennessee 16 miles
Atoka Memphis, Tennessee 17 miles
Atwood Jackson, Tennessee 21 miles
Auburntown Murfreesboro, Tennessee 21 miles
Baileyton Greeneville, Tennessee 11 miles
Baneberry Morristown, Tennessee 11 miles
Banner Hill Johnson City, Tennessee 14 miles
Bartlett Memphis, Tennessee 2 miles
Baxter Cookeville, Tennessee 9 miles
Bean Station Morristown, Tennessee 8 miles
Beech Bluff Jackson, Tennessee 13 miles
Beersheba Springs Mcminnville, Tennessee 16 miles
Bell Buckle Tullahoma, Tennessee 16 miles
Belle Meade Nashville, Tennessee 8 miles
Bells Jackson, Tennessee 14 miles
Belvidere Tullahoma, Tennessee 18 miles
Benton Cleveland, Tennessee 13 miles
Berry Hill Nashville, Tennessee 6 miles
Bethel Springs Selmer, Tennessee 6 miles
Bethpage Gallatin, Tennessee 11 miles
Big Rock Hopkinsville, Kentucky 24 miles
Big Sandy Paris, Tennessee 13 miles
Biltmore Johnson City, Tennessee 9 miles
Blaine Morristown, Tennessee 26 miles
Blanche Huntsville, Alabama 22 miles
Bloomingdale Kingsport, Tennessee 6 miles
Blountville Bristol, Virginia 12 miles
Bluff City Johnson City, Tennessee 12 miles
Bogota Dyersburg, Tennessee 7 miles
Bolivar Selmer, Tennessee 24 miles
Bon Air Cookeville, Tennessee 16 miles
Bon Aqua Junction Columbia, Tennessee 27 miles
Bowman Cookeville, Tennessee 26 miles
Braden Memphis, Tennessee 22 miles
Bradford Jackson, Tennessee 26 miles
Bransford Gallatin, Tennessee 14 miles
Brentwood Nashville, Tennessee 11 miles
Briceville Jacksboro, Tennessee 10 miles
Brighton Memphis, Tennessee 21 miles
Bristol Bristol, Virginia 3 miles
Brownsville Jackson, Tennessee 25 miles
Bruceton Paris, Tennessee 18 miles
Buchanan Paris, Tennessee 12 miles
Bulls Gap Morristown, Tennessee 10 miles
Burlison Memphis, Tennessee 24 miles
Burns Nashville, Tennessee 30 miles
Butler Johnson City, Tennessee 20 miles
Byrdstown Cookeville, Tennessee 35 miles
Calhoun Cleveland, Tennessee 12 miles
Camden Paris, Tennessee 20 miles
Carthage Cookeville, Tennessee 27 miles
Caryville Jacksboro, Tennessee 3 miles
Castalian Springs Gallatin, Tennessee 8 miles
Cedar Hill Clarksville, Tennessee 17 miles
Celina Cookeville, Tennessee 28 miles
Centertown Mcminnville, Tennessee 9 miles
Centerville Columbia, Tennessee 26 miles
Central Johnson City, Tennessee 5 miles
Chapel Hill Murfreesboro, Tennessee 20 miles
Charleston Cleveland, Tennessee 11 miles
Charlotte Clarksville, Tennessee 27 miles
Chesterfield Jackson, Tennessee 32 miles
Chewalla Selmer, Tennessee 10 miles
Childers Hill Corinth, Mississippi 15 miles
Christiana Murfreesboro, Tennessee 10 miles
Church Hill Kingsport, Tennessee 9 miles
Clarkrange Cookeville, Tennessee 26 miles
Clarksburg Jackson, Tennessee 28 miles
Clifton Selmer, Tennessee 37 miles
Clinton Oak Ridge, Tennessee 7 miles
Coalfield Oak Ridge, Tennessee 11 miles
Coalmont Mcminnville, Tennessee 24 miles
Coker Creek Athens, Tennessee 23 miles
Collegedale Chattanooga, Tennessee 8 miles
Collierville Olive Branch, Mississippi 12 miles
Collinwood Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 23 miles
Colonial Heights Kingsport, Tennessee 3 miles
Conasauga Cleveland, Tennessee 14 miles
Coopertown Madison, Tennessee 18 miles
Copperhill Cleveland, Tennessee 31 miles
Cornersville Columbia, Tennessee 21 miles
Cosby Morristown, Tennessee 28 miles
Cottage Grove Paris, Tennessee 11 miles
Cottontown Gallatin, Tennessee 7 miles
Counce Corinth, Mississippi 15 miles
Covington Memphis, Tennessee 28 miles
Cowan Tullahoma, Tennessee 19 miles
Crab Orchard Athens, Tennessee 34 miles
Cross Plains Madison, Tennessee 17 miles
Crossville Cookeville, Tennessee 29 miles
Crump Selmer, Tennessee 15 miles
Cumberland City Clarksville, Tennessee 22 miles
Cumberland Gap Middlesboro, Kentucky 4 miles
Dancyville Jackson, Tennessee 33 miles
Dandridge Morristown, Tennessee 17 miles
Darden Jackson, Tennessee 35 miles
Dayton Athens, Tennessee 24 miles
Decatur Athens, Tennessee 11 miles
Decaturville Selmer, Tennessee 39 miles
Decherd Tullahoma, Tennessee 14 miles
Delano Athens, Tennessee 15 miles
Dellrose Huntsville, Alabama 27 miles
Dickson Nashville, Tennessee 34 miles
Dodson Branch Cookeville, Tennessee 12 miles
Dover Paris, Tennessee 30 miles
Dowelltown Mcminnville, Tennessee 25 miles
Doyle Mcminnville, Tennessee 18 miles
Dresden Paris, Tennessee 22 miles
Ducktown Cleveland, Tennessee 30 miles
Dukedom Mayfield, Kentucky 16 miles
Dunlap Chattanooga, Tennessee 27 miles
Dyer Dyersburg, Tennessee 23 miles
Eagleton Village Knoxville, Tennessee 11 miles
Eagleville Murfreesboro, Tennessee 14 miles
East Cleveland Cleveland, Tennessee 1 miles
East Ridge Chattanooga, Tennessee 3 miles
Eastview Selmer, Tennessee 6 miles
Elgin Jacksboro, Tennessee 23 miles
Elizabethton Johnson City, Tennessee 10 miles
Elkton Huntsville, Alabama 25 miles
Embreeville Johnson City, Tennessee 11 miles
Englewood Athens, Tennessee 7 miles
Enville Selmer, Tennessee 18 miles
Erin Clarksville, Tennessee 28 miles
Erwin Johnson City, Tennessee 13 miles
Essary Springs Selmer, Tennessee 16 miles
Estill Springs Tullahoma, Tennessee 9 miles
Ethridge Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 6 miles
Etowah Athens, Tennessee 11 miles
Eva Paris, Tennessee 23 miles
Fairfield Gallatin, Tennessee 18 miles
Fairfield Glade Cookeville, Tennessee 35 miles
Fairgarden Morristown, Tennessee 24 miles
Fairmount Chattanooga, Tennessee 14 miles
Fairview Nashville, Tennessee 23 miles
Fall Branch Kingsport, Tennessee 7 miles
Falling Water Chattanooga, Tennessee 13 miles
Farner Athens, Tennessee 27 miles
Farragut Knoxville, Tennessee 7 miles
Fayetteville Tullahoma, Tennessee 25 miles
Fincastle Jacksboro, Tennessee 10 miles
Finger Selmer, Tennessee 14 miles
Finley Dyersburg, Tennessee 5 miles
Flat Top Mountain Cleveland, Tennessee 22 miles
Flintville Tullahoma, Tennessee 25 miles
Forest Hills Nashville, Tennessee 9 miles
Fowlkes Dyersburg, Tennessee 6 miles
Frankewing Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 28 miles
Franklin Nashville, Tennessee 19 miles
Friendship Dyersburg, Tennessee 14 miles
Friendsville Knoxville, Tennessee 12 miles
Gadsden Jackson, Tennessee 10 miles
Gainesboro Cookeville, Tennessee 17 miles
Gallaway Memphis, Tennessee 18 miles
Garland Blytheville, Arkansas 24 miles
Gates Dyersburg, Tennessee 15 miles
Gatlinburg Knoxville, Tennessee 34 miles
Germantown Olive Branch, Mississippi 10 miles
Gibson Jackson, Tennessee 12 miles
Gilt Edge Memphis, Tennessee 23 miles
Gladeville Gallatin, Tennessee 18 miles
Gleason Paris, Tennessee 18 miles
Goodlettsville Madison, Tennessee 3 miles
Gordonsville Cookeville, Tennessee 25 miles
Graball Gallatin, Tennessee 7 miles
Grand Junction Selmer, Tennessee 35 miles
Gray Kingsport, Tennessee 8 miles
Graysville Cleveland, Tennessee 23 miles
Greenback Knoxville, Tennessee 19 miles
Greenbrier Madison, Tennessee 11 miles
Greenfield Union City, Tennessee 24 miles
Green Hill Madison, Tennessee 10 miles
Greenvale Murfreesboro, Tennessee 18 miles
Griffith Creek Chattanooga, Tennessee 28 miles
Grimsley Cookeville, Tennessee 29 miles
Gruetli-Laager Mcminnville, Tennessee 23 miles
Guys Selmer, Tennessee 8 miles
Halls Knoxville, Tennessee 13 miles
Halls Dyersburg, Tennessee 13 miles
Hampton Johnson City, Tennessee 12 miles
Harriman Oak Ridge, Tennessee 20 miles
Harrison Chattanooga, Tennessee 7 miles
Harrogate Middlesboro, Kentucky 5 miles
Hartsville Gallatin, Tennessee 17 miles
Helenwood Jacksboro, Tennessee 21 miles
Henderson Selmer, Tennessee 20 miles
Hendersonville Madison, Tennessee 4 miles
Henning Blytheville, Arkansas 25 miles
Henry Paris, Tennessee 9 miles
Hickman Cookeville, Tennessee 26 miles
Hickory Valley Selmer, Tennessee 31 miles
Hilham Cookeville, Tennessee 19 miles
Hillsboro Tullahoma, Tennessee 14 miles
Hohenwald Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 25 miles
Holladay Paris, Tennessee 30 miles
Hollow Rock Paris, Tennessee 18 miles
Hopewell Cleveland, Tennessee 5 miles
Hornbeak Union City, Tennessee 14 miles
Hornsby Selmer, Tennessee 15 miles
Humboldt Jackson, Tennessee 10 miles
Hunter Johnson City, Tennessee 13 miles
Huntingdon Paris, Tennessee 21 miles
Huntland Tullahoma, Tennessee 23 miles
Huntsville Jacksboro, Tennessee 18 miles
Huron Jackson, Tennessee 19 miles
Iron City Florence, Alabama 16 miles
Jacks Creek Selmer, Tennessee 22 miles
Jamestown Cookeville, Tennessee 36 miles
Jasper Chattanooga, Tennessee 25 miles
Jefferson City Morristown, Tennessee 15 miles
Jellico Jacksboro, Tennessee 18 miles
John Sevier Knoxville, Tennessee 16 miles
Jonesborough Johnson City, Tennessee 6 miles
Kahite Athens, Tennessee 21 miles
Karns Knoxville, Tennessee 5 miles
Kenton Union City, Tennessee 15 miles
Kimball Chattanooga, Tennessee 27 miles
Kingston Oak Ridge, Tennessee 19 miles
Kingston Springs Nashville, Tennessee 19 miles
Lafayette Gallatin, Tennessee 26 miles
La Follette Jacksboro, Tennessee 6 miles
La Grange Olive Branch, Mississippi 34 miles
Lakeland Memphis, Tennessee 9 miles
Lakesite Chattanooga, Tennessee 14 miles
Lake Tansi Cookeville, Tennessee 30 miles
Lakewood Park Tullahoma, Tennessee 19 miles
La Vergne Murfreesboro, Tennessee 14 miles
Lavinia Jackson, Tennessee 14 miles
Lebanon Gallatin, Tennessee 15 miles
Lenoir City Knoxville, Tennessee 14 miles
Lenox Dyersburg, Tennessee 6 miles
Leoma Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 5 miles
Lewisburg Columbia, Tennessee 18 miles
Lexington Jackson, Tennessee 25 miles
Liberty Mcminnville, Tennessee 25 miles
Linden Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 39 miles
Livingston Cookeville, Tennessee 18 miles
Lobelville Columbia, Tennessee 43 miles
Lone Oak Chattanooga, Tennessee 16 miles
Lookout Mountain Chattanooga, Tennessee 9 miles
Loretto Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 13 miles
Loudon Knoxville, Tennessee 20 miles
Louisville Knoxville, Tennessee 7 miles
Luray Jackson, Tennessee 16 miles
Luttrell Knoxville, Tennessee 26 miles
Lyles Columbia, Tennessee 27 miles
Lynchburg Tullahoma, Tennessee 10 miles
Lynnville Columbia, Tennessee 16 miles
Madisonville Athens, Tennessee 13 miles
Manchester Tullahoma, Tennessee 10 miles
Martin Union City, Tennessee 14 miles
Maryville Knoxville, Tennessee 12 miles
Mascot Knoxville, Tennessee 20 miles
Mason Memphis, Tennessee 25 miles
Maury City Dyersburg, Tennessee 20 miles
Mayland Cookeville, Tennessee 17 miles
Maynardville Jacksboro, Tennessee 23 miles
McDonald Cleveland, Tennessee 7 miles
McEwen Clarksville, Tennessee 37 miles
McKenzie Paris, Tennessee 15 miles
McLemoresville Jackson, Tennessee 25 miles
Medina Jackson, Tennessee 8 miles
Medon Jackson, Tennessee 17 miles
Mercer Jackson, Tennessee 19 miles
Michie Corinth, Mississippi 10 miles
Middleton Selmer, Tennessee 19 miles
Middle Valley Chattanooga, Tennessee 12 miles
Midtown Oak Ridge, Tennessee 22 miles
Milan Jackson, Tennessee 16 miles
Milledgeville Selmer, Tennessee 20 miles
Millersville Madison, Tennessee 7 miles
Millington Memphis, Tennessee 8 miles
Minor Hill Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 16 miles
Miston Dyersburg, Tennessee 9 miles
Mitchellville Gallatin, Tennessee 18 miles
Monteagle Tullahoma, Tennessee 23 miles
Monterey Cookeville, Tennessee 12 miles
Mooresburg Morristown, Tennessee 8 miles
Morris Chapel Selmer, Tennessee 17 miles
Morrison Mcminnville, Tennessee 11 miles
Moscow Olive Branch, Mississippi 26 miles
Mosheim Greeneville, Tennessee 9 miles
Mountain City Bristol, Virginia 22 miles
Mount Carmel Kingsport, Tennessee 6 miles
Mount Juliet Madison, Tennessee 12 miles
Mount Pleasant Columbia, Tennessee 10 miles
Mowbray Mountain Chattanooga, Tennessee 18 miles
Munford Memphis, Tennessee 16 miles
Newbern Dyersburg, Tennessee 8 miles
New Deal Gallatin, Tennessee 11 miles
New Hope Chattanooga, Tennessee 27 miles
New Johnsonville Paris, Tennessee 27 miles
New Market Morristown, Tennessee 19 miles
Newport Morristown, Tennessee 18 miles
New Tazewell Middlesboro, Kentucky 14 miles
New Union Tullahoma, Tennessee 13 miles
Niota Athens, Tennessee 4 miles
Nixon Selmer, Tennessee 18 miles
Nolensville Murfreesboro, Tennessee 15 miles
Norene Murfreesboro, Tennessee 19 miles
Normandy Tullahoma, Tennessee 5 miles
Norris Jacksboro, Tennessee 11 miles
Oakdale Oak Ridge, Tennessee 19 miles
Oak Grove Gallatin, Tennessee 14 miles
Oak Grove Johnson City, Tennessee 6 miles
Oak Hill Nashville, Tennessee 8 miles
Oakland Memphis, Tennessee 22 miles
Obion Union City, Tennessee 13 miles
Ocoee Cleveland, Tennessee 10 miles
Oliver Springs Oak Ridge, Tennessee 6 miles
Olivet Selmer, Tennessee 22 miles
Oneida Jacksboro, Tennessee 21 miles
Ooltewah Chattanooga, Tennessee 8 miles
Orebank Kingsport, Tennessee 6 miles
Orlinda Madison, Tennessee 21 miles
Orme Tullahoma, Tennessee 35 miles
Palmer Mcminnville, Tennessee 26 miles
Palmersville Paris, Tennessee 17 miles
Park City Huntsville, Alabama 25 miles
Parker's Crossroads Jackson, Tennessee 26 miles
Parrottsville Morristown, Tennessee 17 miles
Parsons Jackson, Tennessee 40 miles
Pegram Nashville, Tennessee 16 miles
Pelham Tullahoma, Tennessee 20 miles
Petersburg Tullahoma, Tennessee 24 miles
Petros Oak Ridge, Tennessee 13 miles
Philadelphia Athens, Tennessee 18 miles
Pigeon Forge Knoxville, Tennessee 30 miles
Pikeville Mcminnville, Tennessee 33 miles
Pine Crest Johnson City, Tennessee 5 miles
Pinson Jackson, Tennessee 16 miles
Piperton Olive Branch, Mississippi 14 miles
Pittman Center Morristown, Tennessee 33 miles
Plainview Knoxville, Tennessee 23 miles
Pleasant Hill Cookeville, Tennessee 20 miles
Pleasant View Nashville, Tennessee 19 miles
Pocahontas Selmer, Tennessee 15 miles
Portland Gallatin, Tennessee 16 miles
Powell Knoxville, Tennessee 8 miles
Powells Crossroads Chattanooga, Tennessee 21 miles
Prospect Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 24 miles
Pulaski Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 17 miles
Puryear Paris, Tennessee 11 miles
Ramer Selmer, Tennessee 6 miles
Randolph Memphis, Tennessee 20 miles
Rarity Bay Athens, Tennessee 22 miles
Red Bank Chattanooga, Tennessee 9 miles
Red Boiling Springs Cookeville, Tennessee 34 miles
Riceville Athens, Tennessee 9 miles
Ridgely Dyersburg, Tennessee 15 miles
Ridgeside Chattanooga, Tennessee 4 miles
Ridgetop Madison, Tennessee 8 miles
Ripley Dyersburg, Tennessee 23 miles
Rives Union City, Tennessee 4 miles
Roan Mountain Johnson City, Tennessee 20 miles
Robbins Jacksboro, Tennessee 22 miles
Rockford Knoxville, Tennessee 9 miles
Rockvale Murfreesboro, Tennessee 7 miles
Rockwood Athens, Tennessee 27 miles
Rocky Top Jacksboro, Tennessee 7 miles
Rogersville Morristown, Tennessee 19 miles
Rossville Olive Branch, Mississippi 18 miles
Rural Hill Madison, Tennessee 17 miles
Russellville Morristown, Tennessee 4 miles
Rutherford Union City, Tennessee 21 miles
Rutledge Morristown, Tennessee 15 miles
Sale Creek Cleveland, Tennessee 20 miles
Saltillo Selmer, Tennessee 26 miles
Samburg Union City, Tennessee 16 miles
Sardis Selmer, Tennessee 26 miles
Saulsbury Selmer, Tennessee 30 miles
Savannah Selmer, Tennessee 19 miles
Scotts Hill Selmer, Tennessee 31 miles
Sequatchie Chattanooga, Tennessee 24 miles
Sevierville Knoxville, Tennessee 28 miles
Sewanee Tullahoma, Tennessee 21 miles
Seymour Knoxville, Tennessee 17 miles
Shackle Island Madison, Tennessee 7 miles
Sharon Union City, Tennessee 19 miles
Shelbyville Tullahoma, Tennessee 15 miles
Sherwood Tullahoma, Tennessee 27 miles
Shiloh Selmer, Tennessee 12 miles
Signal Mountain Chattanooga, Tennessee 11 miles
Silerton Selmer, Tennessee 19 miles
Slayden Clarksville, Tennessee 21 miles
Smithville Mcminnville, Tennessee 19 miles
Smyrna Murfreesboro, Tennessee 10 miles
Sneedville Harlan, Kentucky 20 miles
Soddy-Daisy Chattanooga, Tennessee 15 miles
Somerville Memphis, Tennessee 31 miles
South Carthage Cookeville, Tennessee 27 miles
South Cleveland Cleveland, Tennessee 1 miles
South Fulton Union City, Tennessee 13 miles
South Pittsburg Chattanooga, Tennessee 29 miles
Sparta Cookeville, Tennessee 15 miles
Spencer Mcminnville, Tennessee 17 miles
Spring City Athens, Tennessee 21 miles
Springfield Madison, Tennessee 18 miles
Spring Hill Columbia, Tennessee 13 miles
Spurgeon Kingsport, Tennessee 7 miles
Stanton Memphis, Tennessee 33 miles
Stantonville Selmer, Tennessee 9 miles
Statesville Murfreesboro, Tennessee 22 miles
St. Joseph Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 17 miles
Strawberry Plains Knoxville, Tennessee 23 miles
Sullivan Gardens Kingsport, Tennessee 3 miles
Summertown Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 14 miles
Sunbright Jacksboro, Tennessee 27 miles
Surgoinsville Kingsport, Tennessee 17 miles
Sweetwater Athens, Tennessee 11 miles
Taft Huntsville, Alabama 20 miles
Tazewell Middlesboro, Kentucky 14 miles
Telford Johnson City, Tennessee 11 miles
Tellico Plains Athens, Tennessee 19 miles
Tellico Village Knoxville, Tennessee 19 miles
Tennessee Ridge Paris, Tennessee 30 miles
Thompson's Station Columbia, Tennessee 16 miles
Three Way Jackson, Tennessee 6 miles
Tiptonville Union City, Tennessee 22 miles
Toone Jackson, Tennessee 25 miles
Townsend Knoxville, Tennessee 24 miles
Tracy City Tullahoma, Tennessee 29 miles
Trenton Jackson, Tennessee 20 miles
Trezevant Jackson, Tennessee 25 miles
Trimble Dyersburg, Tennessee 15 miles
Troy Union City, Tennessee 7 miles
Tuckers Crossroads Gallatin, Tennessee 20 miles
Tusculum Greeneville, Tennessee 2 miles
Unicoi Johnson City, Tennessee 10 miles
Unionville Murfreesboro, Tennessee 17 miles
Valley Forge Johnson City, Tennessee 11 miles
Vanleer Clarksville, Tennessee 24 miles
Viola Mcminnville, Tennessee 12 miles
Vonore Athens, Tennessee 22 miles
Walden Chattanooga, Tennessee 12 miles
Walland Knoxville, Tennessee 19 miles
Walnut Grove Corinth, Mississippi 27 miles
Walnut Grove Gallatin, Tennessee 11 miles
Walnut Hill Bristol, Virginia 7 miles
Walterhill Murfreesboro, Tennessee 8 miles
Wartburg Oak Ridge, Tennessee 21 miles
Wartrace Tullahoma, Tennessee 12 miles
Watauga Johnson City, Tennessee 6 miles
Watertown Murfreesboro, Tennessee 25 miles
Waverly Paris, Tennessee 32 miles
Waynesboro Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 25 miles
Westmoreland Gallatin, Tennessee 17 miles
Westpoint Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 13 miles
White Bluff Nashville, Tennessee 24 miles
White House Madison, Tennessee 12 miles
White Pine Morristown, Tennessee 9 miles
Whiteside Chattanooga, Tennessee 18 miles
Whiteville Jackson, Tennessee 31 miles
Whitlock Paris, Tennessee 6 miles
Whitwell Chattanooga, Tennessee 23 miles
Wildersville Jackson, Tennessee 27 miles
Wildwood Knoxville, Tennessee 13 miles
Wildwood Lake Cleveland, Tennessee 5 miles
Williston Olive Branch, Mississippi 30 miles
Winchester Tullahoma, Tennessee 15 miles
Winfield Jacksboro, Tennessee 21 miles
Woodbury Mcminnville, Tennessee 20 miles
Woodland Mills Union City, Tennessee 5 miles
Wrigley Columbia, Tennessee 26 miles
Wynnburg Dyersburg, Tennessee 19 miles
Yorkville Dyersburg, Tennessee 16 miles
Yuma Jackson, Tennessee 30 miles

All adult Americans will at some point in their lives come into contact with the Social Security Agency (SSA) for one reason or another. It may be as simple as dealing with your social security number to claim benefits based on retirement or some disability that may hinder your ability to work.

There are over 1400 Social Security Agency offices nationwide including regional, field, card centers and teleservices locations. Many of these locations are located in major towns and cities. Frequently your local SSA will be busy so it is important to know what you want and what you need to supply in order to get it.

In this post we will look at the services offered by the Social Security Agency and some of the requirements to obtain those services. It is always wise to know the rules at your local SSA offices to make sure you have a quick and trouble free visit.

What Is the Social Security Administration?

The social security administration (SSA) is an independent government agency that administers social security. It is an insurance program that consists of retirement, disability and survivor benefits. In order to qualify for these benefits most workers pay into the system through social security taxes.

The head offices of the social security agency are located in Woodlawn, Maryland and is referred to as the Central Office. There are tens of thousands of workers employed by the social security agency and it is the largest government program in the United States.

It is estimated that by the end of the 2022 fiscal year the agency will have paid out $1.2 trillion in benefits to 66 million citizens and legal residents of the United States. An additional 61 billion is expected in SSI benefits and 7.5 million to low-income individuals.

This government agency is a vital part of the country's economy and without it millions of already struggling Americans would have nothing. It is a program that many have paid into for decades in preparation for retirement and as an insurance policy against sudden disability.

History of the Social Security Agency

On August 14th 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law as part of his New Deal initiative. This led to the creation of the Social Security Board (SSB), a presidentially appointed group of three executives tasked with overseeing the social security program.

With zero budget, staff or even furniture the SSB finally obtained funding from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. It was on October 14th 1936 that the first social security office opened its doors in Austin, Texas.

In January of 1937 social security taxes were first collected. Just a few years later the first social security check was issued to Ida Mary Fuller of Battleboro, Vermont. Ida’s check was dated January 31st 1940 and she received $22.54.

The SSB in 1939 merged with the U.S. Public Health Service, the Civilian Conservation Corp and other government agencies to become the Federal Security Agency. In 1846 under President Harry S. Truman the SSB was named the Social Security Administration SSA.

In 1953 the Federal Security Agency was dismantled and the SSA was placed under the banner of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Finally in 1994 President Bill Clinton made the Social Security Administration an independent body once again.

Field Office Services

The field offices are your everyday walk in the SSA office where you can go to deal with a whole host of requirements. Depending on location you may be able to walk in or you may require an appointment. These offices are frequently busy so setting an appointment may help you save time.

New or Replacement Social Security Cards

Every U.S. citizen or resident alien requires a social security card which comes with its own unique identity number. This number is used to withhold social security taxes from any earned monies of an individual which are then held as insurance for future events.

These funds are collected so that individuals will have a financial safety net if they become unable to work or to supply an income upon retirement. A social security number is a requirement for working any job in the United States.

All U.S. citizens have to apply for a social security number in order to be able to work and this is intended to be their number for the rest of their life. There are however some circumstances which would require a new number to be issued.

A new number may be issued if:

  • The number already belongs to another individual (rare but it can happen)
  • You are a victim of domestic abuse and need to escape detection by your abuser
  • Identity theft to the extent that your social security number is no longer safe to use
  • If there is a valid religious objection to the number for example a Christian may object to a number that contained 666

You may not get a new number to escape bankruptcy, extreme debt or consequences of illegal actions. People do try this and it is very much against the rules.

In order to get a social security number you need proof of identity such as a birth certificate or passport. If you are a non citizen you will need to prove you are legally in the country and that you are eligible to work.

Request Changes to Your Social Security Card

You may need to change the name attached to your social security card based on a legal change of name. This may be because you married or legally changed your name for some other reason. This would not change your number but would be required if you were to be using this new name in all other legal aspects of your life.

In order to change the information regarding your name on your social security card you will need proof of the name change which would include official name change documents or a marriage license.

Once you legally change your name with the social security agency it allows you to more easily change your names on other documents such as your passport or driver's license.

You can get a SSN name change to help evade a stalker but this does need a legal court ordered name change.

Review Your Social Security Statement

Many people may not be aware that they can access their personal social security statement to review their earnings history. This can be helpful to assist with taxes and to detect any fraudulent use of your social security number.

Get an Estimate of Your Retirement Benefits

It may be helpful to know based on your social security account how much it is projected you will be entitled to upon your retirement. This is dependent on how much you have paid in and when you are planning to retire.

Get a Copy of Your Proof of Benefits

You can also visit a field office to obtain a copy of your proof of benefits. This may be needed as proof of income for renting a home or obtaining a personal loan.

Applying for Retirement Benefits

The social security agency field office can help you to apply for your retirement benefits. As of July 2022 the earliest you can apply for retirement benefits is 61 years and 9 months. Your first social security check if you qualified would then be issued 4 months later the month after your 62nd birthday.

Applying for SSI or SSDI Benefits

Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is a benefit offered to those who due to age or disability are limited in their ability to earn. This may be a personal disability or that of an individual that you have to take care of. It is a supplemental income based on what you already make to help bridge the gap in your household needs.

Social Security Disability Insurance is for individuals who based on their disability are unable to earn money. This is based on former social security payments made prior to the disability. It may be permanent or temporary depending on the situation.

Applying for Social Security Spousal or Survivor Benefits

Seniors whose spouses pass are eligible to receive the benefits of their deceased spouse in addition to their own.

Applying for Medicare

As part of retirement the Medicare program supplies retirees with health coverage which can be applied for via the social security system. You can visit a field office to do this and can also apply for replacement Medicare cards as well should they become lost or damaged.

Set up Direct Deposits for Social Security Benefits

Direct deposit in today's digital world is far more convenient than the old system of checks. The social security field office can help you set up direct deposit of your benefits straight to the bank account of your choosing.

What Can You Do Online?

As mentioned, in person social security offices can be very busy and often stressful places. As such with the world becoming more digital there is an increasing amount that can be done online.

Choosing to do certain things related to social security online can be quicker and far less stressful. There are still many things you have to do in person but there are some simpler tasks that can be done online. Some things may start online but require you to mail in documents to complete the process.

Online you can:

  • Review your account
  • Apply for benefits
  • Make changes to your account
  • Request replacement cards
  • Get benefit estimates
  • Print proof of benefits
  • Check status of any applications pending
  • Set up or change direct deposit information
  • Change Address details

What Should You Do if Your Social Security Number Is Lost or Stolen?

Your social security number (SSN) is unique to you and can be used to file taxes, obtain loans/credit cards and legally work. There is a thriving criminal business in social security fraud so protecting your unique SSN is important.

If your card is lost or stolen it is important to act immediately to protect yourself from potential fraud. Request a replacement card and place a fraud alert on your social security number. It is also wise to monitor your credit report to get an early warning of activity that is not initiated by yourself.

Obtain a unique tax filing code with the IRS so that only you can file your taxes. If someone else has your social security number they can fraudulently file as you and receive the refund that you are entitled to.

It is also important that you are careful who you give your social security number to. It is only required for certain things and you should not give it out over the phone to unknown sources.

Why Should I Make an Appointment?

If you have ever driven past a Social Security Office before it opens in the mornings you probably already know the answer to this question. The lines waiting outside can often circle the entire building and then some.

When you make an appointment you are often able to join a much shorter secondary line and will be waiting a much shorter time to be seen. Those without appointments are at the mercy of the crowds and could be spending hours to complete their business with the SSA.

If you can do what you need to online it is wise to do so rather than visiting an actual office. In the event that you must attend in person make sure you have all the documents required for your purpose. If you are missing something vital you will have to get that document and come back another time.

Along with the Secretary of State and DMV, the Social Security office is likely one of the most frustrating and time consuming aspects of our lives. People seldom look forward to going to the SSA office so be smart about it.


The Social Security Agency offices offer a wide range of services to help you understand your present and future benefits through this government agency. Throughout our working life we pay into the social security system to build up this insurance for our future.

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